The Project

Our vision is this: by using specific stories of the spiritual and physical transformation of people and communities, we desire to motivate individuals to be a part of a movement of compassion and justice, realizing their potential to effect global change.

We felt called to do something with the skills God has gifted us with, and this project lined up perfectly with what Hungry for Life has set out to do: to change lives.

So you’re probably wondering who would sign up for this?

Well, I’m a a journalist by trade, but had never done anything like this before. I’ve worked in small-town newspapers, covering local politics, personalities and the going-ons of rural B.C. life. Not exactly criteria for an international journalism gig. I had never pictured myself getting involved in short term missions. But I love God, and I put my trust that His plan for my life was better than anything I could dream up on my own.

Next to me on this wild ride was my very incredible husband. Justin is a graphic designer and photographer. He had never travelled outside of North America and had also never seen himself doing missions. But he has been gifted with an incredible eye for photography, and has the ability to see things other people wouldn’t when he pulls out his camera. He takes the time to find the best shot he can in any situation. That dedication evidenced in his lens is reflected in his love for me. And every day I am amazed that I get to be married to such an incredible man.

Through the Pockets of Change project, we traveled the world to collect stories and photos of life change. As an initiative of Hungry For Life, we spent about six months visiting relief and development project sites and meeting up with missions teams.

Now we’re pulling together the stories and photos into a book to show what God is doing around the world. This book will feature how ordinary people are making extraordinary difference, how hope is alive, and how men and women just like you took a step of faith and found they landed on solid ground.