The Book

Too often in this world we give up before we even begin. We look at the despair, the hunger, the destitution, and think there’s nothing we can do. We look at the great need and feel inadequate. With 1.4 billion people living in extreme poverty conditions, it’s hard not to just give up.

But some people have chosen to look at those insurmountable odds and to do something about it. They’ve chosen to help who they can in the ways they can.

Pockets of Change shows that hope exists. That while there are starving children in Africa, there’s also people feeding, clothing and caring for African orphans. That while there’s family abuse in Peru, there’s also qualified instructors teaching families how to treat each other right. That while there’s widows living desperately alone in the Ukraine, there’s also people caring for them in tangible and loving ways. That while there’s disillusioned westerners who have given up, there’s also some that have chosen to respond to the world’s suffering and found themselves changed along the way.

This book shows what happens when people don’t give up. It’s a book of stories: of people who persevere in spite of hardship, who seek to find that grain of hope in a desert of despair, who against all odds bring change to a life, to a family, and even to a community.

Pockets of Change is a powerful and thought-provoking collection of stories and photos that will move you to want to be part of a global movement of compassion and justice.

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