The Journey

On planes, trains, vehicles and foot, we traversed the globe from March to November, 2009. Along the way we met incredible people, saw magnificent sights and found ourselves in unfamiliar territory every step of the way.

Here you will find our interactions and reactions to a world of new experiences. Together, we journeyed through western Canada, down into Haiti and Mexico, across to the Ukraine and Africa in search of stories of life change. From the depths of our frustration to the heights of our joy, this blog documents the journey.

You can read the stories posted throughout the journey in reverse chronological order by browsing through the archive of every blog post below.

Alternatively, you can view posts by country or by post type by clicking on these links:
Countries: Canada, Ecuador, Haiti, Kenya, Mexico, Peru, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Ukraine, USA
Post type: Culture, Lessons, People, Photos, Prayer, Projects, Teams, Travel, Video

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